Seza Çimento - 2017

Seza Çimento INC, a member of a difficult industry experiencing business accidents continues to work consciously in the field of Occupational Health and Safety. It is the most important responsibility of Seza Çimento INC to protect the health and safety of its employees as the most valuable asset of the company and also the guests. With this understanding, Seza Çimento INC has been able to greatly reduce the frequency of accidents throughout the activity area as a result of intensive study and training measures.

The most important elements for reaching the goal of "Zero Work Accident" of Seza Çimento INC are as follows:

  1. Taking all possible precautions in the business environment by eliminating unsafe situations,
  2. To carry out trainings aimed at the employees in order for them to internalize the conscious approach in the field of occupational health and safety which will prevent any unsafe events.

Seza Çimento INC continues to work towards the necessary infrastructure, documentation and applications for occupational health and safety, which are accepted around the world, in line with its goal of "Zero Work Accidents". With the projects, applications and continuous training programs that have been developed to raise awareness about occupational health and safety and to draw attention to this field in the sector, the company also aims to raise awareness of employees about occupational health and safety.

The authorities at the highest management level of the institution examine such a large and important responsibility on the axis of continuity. The most important agenda item of all in-house meetings held by Seza Çimento A.Ş and opening speech is always about occupational health and safety. Occupational Health and Safety work carried out to define the conditions to be fulfilled in order to raise job security consciousness, to control the risks of Occupational Health and Safety of the company, to improve its performance, to create a healthy and safe working environment and to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases are managed within the framework of OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

To comply with Occupational Health and Safety instructions; reporting all kinds of work accidents, risky situations and near miss situations is the primary duty of all employees in the organization. Significant tools in achieving the "Zero Work Accident" goal are systemic field inspections, reported near misses, and Occupational Health and Safety programs that are created for the employees to internalize the Occupational Health and Safety rules.

Seza Çimento INC Manufacturing Plant;

  • Is safe (Free of risks and dangers for the employees),
  • Environment friendly,
  • Gives a positive vibe to the clients,
  • Differentiates the products and services,
  • Provides competitive advantage,
  • Complies with the legal legislation,
  • Ensures top level quality and standards,
  • Is clean, tidy and organized,
  • Respects the environment,
  • Contributes to the company culture/climate,
  • Its employees adhere with traffic rules and respects humanity and the traffic itself.
  • Has the best drivers available who adhere to the rules.