Seza Çimento - 2017

What is Cement?

The limestone and marl are combined with a precise ratio and the finely milled mixture is baked in the rotary kiln at 1400-1500 degrees Celsius. The resulting structure is about 1-2 cm in diameter and is called clinker (semi-finished product). Portland Cement is obtained when this clinker is milled with a certain amount of gypsum and additives which are determined depending on the type of cement produced. When the cement is blended and mixed with aggregate and water at the appropriate ratios, it must maintain its processability for a sufficient period of time, reach certain strength levels in specified periods, and exhibit stability of volume for a long time. The definition of cement in TS EN 197-1 standard is given as "inorganic and finely milled, hydraulic binder which forms a hardened paste that sets and cures due to hydration reactions and processes when mixed with water and protects its stability under water even after curing.".