Seza Çimento - 2017
Pioneering New Standards in the industry.
  • Our priority is respect for our community
  • The most prestigious investment of the region
  • Environmentally sensitive system
  • The use of the latest technology


General Features

The primary target for Seza Cimento is to move towards a sustainable future with firm steps.

  • We are sensitive to the environment thanks to our low emission values and low energy consumption.
  • All of our factory processes are of European origin and we use Jet Pulse bag filtering system in all our units.
  • We produce 7,200 tons of cement per day in accordance with TS EN 197-1 standards.
  • All of our products are automatically sampled and analyzed with the RoboLAB quality control system.
  • We create awareness in our industry by producing stable and high quality cement with low standard deviation values.
  • Seza Cimento, which employs 2 thousand people in its region, contributes to the subsistence of 10 thousand people in its sector thanks to its business partners

SYCS Construction and Cement INC.

Address : 70, Pinarli Village, Baskil / ELAZIG, 23800, TURKEY
Phone    : +90 424 522 11 10 (Pbx)
Fax         : +90 424 522 11 11
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SYCS Construction and Cement INC.
Iskenderun Branch

Adress                  :Cay Mah. Osman Gazi Cad.
                               Steel Towers B Blok Kat:14 D:55   Iskenderun/HATAY
Contact Person :Oguzhan DILEK
                              Foreign Trade and Foreign Investments Manager
Phone                  : +90 530 062 41 60
E-Mail                 :