Seza Çimento - 2017

As SEZA CEMENT, our main goal is to have a sustainable quality in a safe working environment and to be the most environmentally friendly company in the sector.

Thus, we have the following principles and we are glad to share them with you;

  • Providing quality and reliable products to our customers in compliance with all legal legislations, national and international standards regarding quality, environment and occupational health and safety,
  • Keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront, controlling and continually improving all processes that affect product quality and reliability,
  • Being a complete team together with employees, suppliers, contractors and customers,
  • Through continuous education and participation of its employees in the training, being focused on solutions, continuously increasing the effectiveness of the Quality Management System with the contributions of its employees,
  • To assess and control environmental dimensions and risks, to prevent environmental and occupational accidents, to prevent permanent environmental damage and occupational diseases and to prioritize the health of our employees, in order to take control and eliminate potential environmental risks, starting from the planning stage,
  • Minimizing the environmental impacts that are limited or exceeding the boundaries by controlling the environmental aspects of all our activities, controlling the pollution of dust and gas emissions, noise sources, clean water resources, and implementing preventive activities.